Two pages double spaced reference page Apa format title page in Apa format also i have the links for places you have to cite from. she basically wants us to create our own coaching philosophy. once you accept i will send rubric and links my teachers words *********Now that we are reaching the conclusion of the course, it is time to develop your own coaching philosophy and put it in writing. Back in Module 1 you were introduced to Coaching Philosophy readings to help set the foundation for the philosophy you will be creating. Giving consideration to things like knowing who you are, your purpose for coaching, your objectives, what kind of coach you want to be, and what values you want to instill in your players will be a benefit at various points throughout your career – it will help ground you when you are just starting out and remind you of your values when you are a more experienced coach. Coaching philosophy statements are not just for the novice or inexperienced coaches – most of the best, well-known coaches not only have them, but talk about them often! Check out those from: All of these coaches have different styles, but they have their own philosophies that reflect what they value as coaches. Now it is time for your coaching philosophy. Begin by identifying three major objectives that will help you develop your coaching philosophy. Make sure you refer back to the course materials, discussions, and assignments to help you construct your thoughts. Your philosophy statement will need to be specific to sport coaching (you have likely done similar philosophy statements in other courses, but this one should be entirely focused on your sport coaching values) and should include the following in APA format: Title Page 12-Point Times New Roman Font Double Spaced Citations and References (if used) 2-3 pages (not including the Title page) **Please see the APA resources provided to assist you in setting up your paper properly. Please be sure to review the Coaching Philosophy Rubric before submitting your paper. To submit your assignment, please save it as a Word (.doc or .docx) document and upload it via the assignment link (click on the title of the post to take you to the submission page).********************************

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