Case study: A written assessment of a prepared case study involving professional, ethical and legal considerations.

2500 words assignment (level 6, pass mark 40%)


One of your closest friend’s mum is admitted to the clinical area where you are currently on placement. Your friend approaches you whilst you are out socialising and askes specific questions about her mum and the long-term effects of her condition. You explain to your friend that you cannot disclose any information regarding her mum. She becomes very upset at your response and appears emotionally distressed. There is nobody with you, who you could ask for support at this moment hence, you feel conflicted with your decision to withhold information from your friend. With reference to two of the professional values from the practice-based assessment (PAD), critically analyse and evaluate the impact of your action with specific reference to the professional, ethical and legal considerations in relation to your role as a pre-registration student nurse.     


Assessment Type: Essay

This is an individual assessed piece of work.


Introduction: (approx. 250 words)

State what your essay is going to include (so the aim of the essay). Here you need to highlight that you will be exploring a set case study (you do not need to write out the case study), in relation to the professional, ethical and legal considerations underpinning the student nurse’s decision to withhold patient’s information. Here you should also include the two professional values from the practice that you will be using.




Main Body: (approx..2000 words)

An overview why you selected the two professional values form the PAD   and its application to the case study.


A critical discussion of professionalism in terms of the of your role as a student nurse. This should align to the NMC code.


A critical analysis of data protection (data protection regulation) and confidentiality and its role in protecting patients. Here you should consider using policies and legislation to support your analysis.


Consider the importance of delivering person-centred care and potential safeguarding issues if confidentiality is breached. With particular  reference to professional, ethical and legal considerations.


Analyse the importance of your actions as a student nurse and the impact it has on your practice as a nurse.  

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