My dream job is Information Security Analyst in government field Basically your doing brainstorming and writing about your dream job application letter and resume all the parts This is not an essay. Dream Job, Part 1-1) Brainstorm Brainstorm ideas you have about your potential dream job. Whether you have a well-formulated future plan, or are just starting to think about it, let yourself dream! That is, let your ideas flow freely, without self-criticism. You will narrow the scope down later. Take some time to write down any ideas you think of about your personal “dream job” that come to mind. They may be practical or impractical, silly or serious, interesting or boring, but consider them all worthy for this assignment. You may wish to return to this brainstorm project at a later time to add more ideas. Dream Job, Part 1-2) Back to Reality Take your brainstorm ideas and turn your job into something for which you could actually get paid. In other words, turn it into a position which wouldn’t require winning the lottery! Consider the following: -What would you get paid to do? -What services and/or benefits would you be providing to society? -Who (what company, sector, etc) would be interested in hiring you? -What would excite you enough to work on every day? -How does creativity play into your future career? -Can you incorporate interests/hobbies or other important aspects of you life into your work? Take your ideas from part 1 and continue to brainstorm – keeping in mind the above questions. Dream Job, Part 1-3) Abstract Take your brainstormed ideas (Parts 1 and 2) and turn them into an abstract. You goal is to convey, in about a paragraph, what your dream job is and why. This will help you consolidate your ideas before moving on to the next part of the assignment. Part 1-1,2,3 on page one and two Dream Job, Part 2.1) Write a Job Posting For the assignment include the eight elements listed below: 1. Use a killer job title. 2. Add an emotive introduction. 3. Tell your company story. 4. Really sell the position. 5. Push your location. 6. Repeat why they should apply. 7. Spell out the application process. 8. Have other people read it. See the link below for more detailed instructions on each of the above aspects. part 2-1) on page three and four Dream Job, Part 2.2) Application Letter Now that you have your dream job listing, you will need to apply! Follow these next steps: 1. Brainstorm Consider the qualities and skills you possess which suit you for this job. List as many as you can. Since this is brainstorming, don’t filter out anything you can think of yet; allow everything you think of to be on the list. 2. Narrow the list Now consider your own unique qualities that make you stand out from other job seekers. This will most likely require tweaking many of the above-mentioned qualities. Here you will need to think about how to sell yourself. 3. Structure, organization and content – How will you structure your letter? – Which of the above-mentioned qualities and “selling points” will you include, and why? How will you organize your letter into a cohesive picture of yourself as the best candidate for the job? You will need to convince the reader to read the rest of your application materials by selling yourself as the best candidate for the job. Your letter should be about three paragraphs long. Part 2-2) on page five Part 2-3) resume on the dream job Part 2-3 on page six Preferred language style Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)

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