Gun Control&Gun Violence/blacks matter Description *The Argumentative Research Paper * The purpose of this assignment is for you to practice supporting a claim (your thesis) with outside sources. The research paper will likely be the most common writing assignment you encounter as a student, so it is important to develop the research and writing skills necessary to produce a strong, though ul research paper. For this assignment you will be writing an argumentative research paper. A research paper is simply an essay with supporting evidence from outside sources. The research topic will be yours to choose from the list of subjects below. You must find credible and current sources (at least 4) to support your claim. You may use a combination of articles, books, and trustworthy websites. CQ Researcher is a great place to begin the research process. There you can find an overview of your chosen topic from a credible source. To access CQ Researcher go to the Contra Costa Library page, click on “Research,” next click on “Databases,” then from the A-Z list of databases click on “C,” and find “CQ Researcher.” What your essay should do: 1. The introduction on will present the subject and will include your thesis statement (the claim you intend to support). 2. The body of the essay will present a clear position on (topic sentences), reasons, evidence, and explanations in support of your own position. The body will also summarize and respond to opposing views (the rebuttal). You may choose to summarize and refute opposing views before or after you have made your own case. Try to end your essay with your strongest arguments. 3. The conclusion will restate your thesis. 4. The works cited page will list the sources you use in the essay. For this essay assignment I will be evaluating you on the following criteria: -Does the essay follow the instructions in the prompt? -Does the essay have a clear, argumentative thesis statement? -Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence that relates to the thesis? -Does the essay correctly cite outside sources? Two citations per body paragraph? -Is the essay organized in a clear, logical manner? -Is the essay free of major grammatical errors and typos? Formatting and Length Requirements: Length 4-5 pages double spaced (1100-1500) Font Times New Roman 12 point or Calibri 11 point Format MLA (See for MLA guidelines) General Research Topics: Gun Control and Gun Violence: Black lives matter

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