: APA, with in-text parenthetical citations referring to items on a Works Cited page Page format: Double spaced, with 1” margins on all sides, 12-point Times New Roman or Garamond or 11-point Courier or Palatino Linotype. Block quotations should be double-spaced and indented 0.5 inches The purpose of this essay is to present the information relating to your topic, structured in a way that is designed to defend a specific thesis or point-of-view about that information. It should include information from 12-15 different authoritative, trustworthy sources. Your thesis: • Should state something about the information this is not simply obvious from the data itself • Must be disprovable, which is to say that your thesis should be a specific interpretation of or ‘take’ on the material, without being the only reasonable interpretation (for reasons covered by that above point) • Does not need to be strictly original, but if it mirrors a perspective that you have already read, you must a) acknowledge the original source in the body of your paper, and b) prove your thesis by analyzing a considerable amount of evidence that is not analyzed in that original source Your introduction may be one or two paragraphs, and will likely include a general overview of the essential points regarding the scope of your topic, and background for it, so that the thesis has sufficient context to make sense to the reader. (Often the first paragraph of a two-paragraph introduction provides general background context for the topic itself, while the second provides a more specific context for the thesis, either by a) narrowing the topic further to provide more specific information about the particular aspect of the topic that you’ll analyze, or b) introducing different people’s interpretations followed by your own Your body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence claim that clearly relates to the thesis, and should introduce and analyze evidence (preferably from a variety of sources), to show how the evidence supports the topic sentence’s claim.. You are encouraged to show how your thesis differs from other people’s interpretations, although that’s not mandatory. Paragraphs devoted to summarizing and analyzing other individuals’ interpretations would be among the few body paragraphs where it would be acceptable to feature evidence from only one single source. Otherwise, the general body paragraphs devoted to introducing and analyzing evidence to support your topic should feature evidence from different sources within the same paragraph.. Major sections of the essay can be indicated by an extra line break. Subheadings are not advised; the flow of your argument should be clear to your essay based upon the introductions to your body paragraphs.. Grading The essays will be graded based on the following criteria (5 marks each) • Sufficient and appropriate selection and interpretation of information about the selected topic • Clarity of thesis and degree to which it presents a) a single, clear claim, and b) a specific point-of-view, conclusion, or thesis about the topic • Appropriateness and authority of the selected evidence, and effectiveness of the paper’s analysis of that evidence to explicitly prove the body paragraphs’ topic sentence claims and the essay’s thesis • Logical organization of information (including both organization of points within paragraphs, and of topics within the essay), in a way that helps to “build” the essay’s argument to completion • Effective language that communicates meanings clearly without ambiguity or wordiness; correctness of citation (both footnotes and bibliography) Note that serious language issues will negatively impact every single one of these grading criteria

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