For your final paper, you should present a description and analysis of a contemporary social movement i.e., a movement emerging in the 2000s. Preferably, you will pick an American social movement, but movements elsewhere can also be considered. When describing the movement, you must consider at least all of the eight aspects presented below: CAMPAIGN AND WUNC DISPLAY; 1. What is the movement’s claim? Who are the claimants? 2. Who are the key targets – that is, against whom is the movement directing its energies? Eventually, you may consider how the movement’s targets respond. 3. Can you identify the movement’s public? What is the connection between this public and the movement’s WUNC display? Eventually, you may describe the movement’s WUNC display more closely. POWER OF DISRUPTION; 1. Can the movement mobilize disruption? How can the movement do so? 2. Has the movement mobilized the power of disruption at any moment? If so, what happened? RESOURCES AND PREEXISTING NETWORKS; 1. What are this movement’s main resources (either material or human resources)? 2. Are you able to trace its networks? Who are the movement’s allies? Why are these allies important? GOALS AND PROGRAM; 1. Does this movement have explicit goals, a program or platform? 2. Are there any other latent goals you are able to notice or maybe discovered? 3. How does the movement plan to achieve its goals? Is the movement’s strategy found in any document, website, etc.? TACTICS AND REPERTOIRE; 1. How does the movement protest? What kind of tactics are used? 2. Are there any stable tactics – that is, does the movement have a repertoire? IDENTITY; 1. Does the movement clearly state “who they are?” Does the movement have any symbol, chant, etc. that continually fosters its identity? 2. Are you able to grasp any change in the movement’s identity? Can you identify allies and opponents or where the movement stands? PLAYERS AND ARENAS; 1. Who participates in the movement? Who are the individual participants and leaders? 2. Where does the movement interact with its opponents – i.e., a courtroom, the streets, polling sites, etc.? SUCCESS; 1. Has the movement achieved any goals? Has the movement or organization grown since its birth? 2. Has the movement been defeated on any issue? Why do you believe so? 3. What are the outcomes related to this movement? When analyzing the movement, you can consider the following: 1. Why the movement is relevant. 2. Why the movement does not get more attention from the media or the public or is not able to reach out to the affected population. 3. Your understanding of the movement’s prospects for achieving goals or the movement’s past mistakes. 4. What you would do if you could steer the movement yourself. 5. Any other ideas, criticisms, or impressions you have of the movement – be creative! LENGTH: 5 pages in length, double spaced. CITATION: You must comply with citation style rules. Note to Writer: Please use simple language. Do not use too many vocabularies.

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