For the final assignment of this course, you will analyze user needs to facilitate the development of a database using SQL server to track the software and hardware assigned to the employees of a given organization. The purpose of this database project is to facilitate the development of data models that can be translated into relational databases. Organizations are legally required to track software and ensure that only legally procured software licenses are deployed. As a database architect, your task is to develop a database to track software and hardware for the ConstructCo Company. ConstructCo is a small construction company that employs 50 employees and owns over 80 desktop computers, laptops, and servers. You will be using the SQL Server environment provided during this course. This database will ultimately be used as a basis for a software license management tool to assist the company in tracking how the licenses and workstations/PCs are deployed throughout the organization You must use the ConstructCo Database Design Project templatePreview the document in the creation of your assignment. For each section of the template, include the content required as listed below. Document History The information in this section will be pre-populated in the template. The only required content will be your name in the “Revised By” column. Executive Summary Summarize the project parameters including a short description of each of the following sections: Conceptual Design, normalization phase, physical design, Data retrieval and connecting to online databases. There is a Sample of an Executive Summary (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.on the Ashford Writing Center website for your reference. Conceptual design (ERD creation) Review the feedback provided for your Week Two ERD Creation interactive assignment.


Carefully review the ISM641 Database Design Project:


Business RulesPreview the document and revise your Visio conceptual model (or entity-relationship diagram) for your database. Ensure that the following requirements are met. Identify all entities and attributes Identify all primary keys Define all relationships between entities



Normalization Once the ERD is completed for your ConstructCO database project, you will create the Logical Data Model and check the model against 3rd Normal Form (3NF). For this phase of the project review your existing ERD feedback from your Week Three assignment where you converted your ERD into a Logical Data Model in 3NF. Using information from your Week Three assignment feedback revise your Logical Data Model. Describe the three normal forms and justify how each of your tables meets 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Normal Form utilizing a minimum of three professional sources to support your statements. Physical Design In Week Four, you created your database in the SQL server you were provided within your lab environment and translated this design into SQL server tables with appropriate fields. Select the appropriate data type for every field. The specific data type you select will depend on the size and range of the values that will be stored in the field. Specify all primary keys as “identity” fields, and not as auto-increment. After creating the tables, use the “insert” command to populate the tables with sample data for all the tables. (This will be affirmed in your SQL server in the lab environment.) 

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