class observation report Description Classroom observation Report this is for my education course. we need go to other school for observation, however, i didn’t go for many reasons. so can you help me make a report. besides, i need do presentation for this essay. i will offer some information for you to finish this paper. Please help me make four observations and one interview. 1.PS 131 school (primary public school) Address:170-45 84 ave,jamaica,new york Teacher 1:Barnhill Scott Course:social study Grade:5 Observation: make some observation like the characteristic of this teacher, the content of class, the student number of class, the students in class, assigned practice, how interrupts are handled,timing, disruption behavior management how does the teacher measure student learning? describe the diversity of the classroom? in what ways it is diverse? what signals from the bulletin boards, text or from the teacher let you know that literacy is an important part of classroom learning? In what ways does teacher work with students having special needs? Teacher 2: (make one) Course: make one grade: make one observaion: make one 2. Holy Cross high school Address: 26-20 Francis Lewis Blvd, Flushing,New York Teacher 1: Tim Ulrich Course: AP cal Grade: Junior Oservation: Mr. U is a interesting teacher. He is fair with golden short hair. he has a notebook like calendar with interesting question. there’s new problem every day for students to active atmosphere. that day question on his notebook is ….(help me make one and write down the reaction of students.) And then, he analyse the homework, he didn’t answer the homework one by one. he asked ” which question need to be explained?” he wrote down the number of these question and explained them. after this, he asked students turn the homework and began new lesson.(make content of ap cal lesson ) Teacher 2: (make one) Course: make one grade: make one observaion: make one Professor ask us to interview one of teachers. I chose Mr. U. These are interview questions. When did u decide to become a teacher? what do u enjoy most and least If u could change one thing about teaching and education what would be?why? how have thr state curriculum standards affected your teachingcareer? What is your opinion of the standards? In what ways do standards help teachers with content? How can teachers use the standards for measurement of student achievement? How culturally diverse is your classroom?how do u adjust your teaching style to this diversity?

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