Cause/Effect Research Description Cause/Effect Research Essay: The Effects of “Miseducation” ——————————-  Outside research is required  Must include MLA Works Cited page (with annotations removed)  Thesis must make an argument about a problem or issue in K-12 or college education and its effect on society.  Avoid using “I” unless absolutely necessary  Requires 5 sources, quoted and paraphrased (with MLA format) ———————————————————- Assignment Description: Select an issue related to K-12 or college education in America and take a position on it. Make your stance on the issue clear and support it effectively and respectfully with various rhetorical strategies. Focus on what causes that problem and what its effects area. Potential topics include treatment of special education students, racism in schools, standardized testing and its relationship to freedom/creativity, achievement gaps based on race or poverty, education funding, corporations in education (like Pearson), teacher pay, teacher bonuses, arts in education, “play” in education, sports in schools, treatment of marginalized students (such as LGBTQ students, Muslim students, English Language Learners, etc.), religion in schools, creationism vs. evolution, sex education, class size, and so on. ————————————————————– Essay Guidelines:  Your essay should be a minimum of 7 FULL pages. Every available line should be used. No cover pages.  The essay should have 1-inch margins with 12-point Times New Roman font.  References to or examples from no less than four sources, such as books, online articles, database articles, etc. These sources can be paraphrased in your own words, or they can presented as brief, correctly integrated direct quotations. Please use the quotation sandwich! You will need proper MLA in-text citations for all paraphrases and direct quotations  Remember to be persuasive. It’s okay to be controversial as long as you support your ideas with evidence and logic. Don’t ride the fence on your issue.  You will need a Works Cited page that includes the articles you chose and proper MLA formatting. (This page does NOT count towards your page minimum.)  When structuring your essay, include an introduction that sets up your argument about the article, effectively organized paragraphs with strong topic sentences and transitions, and a conclusion that does not merely restate your thesis but that leaves the reader with further “food for thought.”  PLEASE NOTE: If your paper does not meet the page minimum, you will receive an automatic D or below and your paper will not receive teacher comments.

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