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Question: What do we learn from 2016? What did the presidential election of 2016, Donald Trump’s victory, and the rise of white nationalism in popular culture teach us about racial attitudes in the US that we didn’t already know (if anything)? Are there existing theories of racial attitudes in politics that are due for a re-assessment, or that should be discarded, in the wake of this election? Or was the role of racial attitudes in 2016 similar to other past elections? Either way, describe the evidence you’re relying on to make your argument, and be sure to cite sources you have read in this module (or others) and briefly describe their theories as you use them.

Answer: The election of Donald Trump revealed many low key racists in America. It also gave many white supremacy room to be openly racist because of how comfortable they felt with Donald Trump becoming president. We all know racism existed in America for centuries. It just became so blatant and normalized when Donald Trump became president. White nationalist weren’t scared to hide it anymore because the most powerful person in the country was just like them. The Red MAGA hat became like a symbol for racism and white supremacy. It gave Trump supporters the power to be openly racist and prejudiced. It just goes to show how America hasn’t changed as much as people hoped. Racism is still very present in society and doesn’t seem to be going away. I think Race was a big topic of the elections. Everyone is wanted to see if Donald Trump really supported white supremacy or if he would speak against it. In the I Am Not Your Negro film it showed how the decision to integrate came with racists gathering together to jeer black school children. The people were comfortable enough to do this because the governor of the integrated state allowed it and even told the people to remove their children from the school. It reminded me of how Donald Trump also used his political platform to tell his supporters to storm the Capitol.

“I Am Not Your Negro.” YouTube, uploaded by YouTube movie, 13 July 2020, m.youtube.com/watch?v=2PaAbmRJ9bQ.

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