Evaluate the following case and respond to the questions at the end. Please make sure to use and incorporate the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics when responding to the questions.


You were recently hired by a new organization. You are excited because this is your first job since graduating with your MA in forensic psychology. You do not know much about the agency you are working for, but they hired you to complete risk assessments for the courts. You were also told by your supervisor that you “could practice individual and group therapy with the clients.” Your supervisor instructed you to encourage your risk assessment clients to return after the assessment to receive counseling. After a week at the agency, your supervisor was fired for not getting enough clients to enroll in treatment. The organization has not told you who your new supervisor will be because the whole agency is short-staffed. You were advised that you could hire someone privately yourself or you will need to “just be patient.” A couple of days later, your new supervisor is introduced to you and it is one of your former intimate partners.

  1. List the ethical issues and explain why they are ethical issues.
  2. Refer the ethical issues to supporting codes from the ACA standards.

The next week, you receive a referral for a 16-year-old female that is being referred to a residential program, but an assessment is needed to determine her risk of sexually offending. There was an allegation that she was acting provocatively around her younger siblings and there is concern that she may have already committed a sexual offense against one of the siblings. There are no further details in the referral. You completed your internship in a male correctional facility and observed many offender evaluations and even assisted in a few. As such, you feel confident to be able to handle the assessment. The young female explains that she does not see anything wrong with her behaviors and has had sex in front of her siblings to “teach them about sex.” You remember a case from your internship where a young man was charged with sexual abuse for having sex with his siblings, the details sound familiar.

  1. What are all the ethical issues related to competency, supervision and multiple relationships and the specific standards that are being violated or could be violated?
  2. What would you do and why (support with standards)?

Your completed assignment should be at least 3 pages in APA format, not including the cover page or references and answer all 4 questions. Also, please review uploaded document.

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