Respond to someone else’s post, offering your own analysis of at least 300 words. In doing so, you must cite at least twice from that week’s readings (POLITICAL LIBERALISM BOOK BY RAWL. MATERIAL: Political Liberalism Lectures I (beginning-46), II(47-88) and VI(212-254) You may agree, disagree, expand or take the original poster’s analysis in a new direction.

What you cannot do, on the other hand, is disrespect others in your posts. I encourage disagreements, so long as they are disagreements about the merits of ideas, and you backup your positions with facts and citations.

Discussion post:

See below the image this person chose to talk about

The piece that I chose is a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. for Rawls talks about society being a fair system of cooperation. “The fundamental organizing idea of justice as fairness, within which the other basic ideas are systematically connected, is that of society as a fair system of cooperation over time, from one generation to the next” (pg. 15). This picture embodies what cooperation finally would look like because of the civil rights movement in the United States. It shows that for the first time both blacks and whites could live in a country where they are fully seen as equals and live in a union of cooperation.

The system that was made for all people of all backgrounds to come together and live equally I believe is really shown in this image. Not just for Americans but for people throughout the whole world Martin Luther King Jr. is seen as the person that brought an end to segregation and inequality especially for the western world. Even though that there was no more slavery the segregation made it so that people would not be able to live in a state of cooperation where it would pass down from one generation to the next but because of the struggles of Dr. King it was first seen in the world. Now around the world people from different backgrounds and different genders can come together and live in a system where there is cooperation and justice can finally start to be seen as fairness, for justice for some ethnicities was not fairness for the others and now it finally is.

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