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Person 1:
i’ve previously mentioned in the Introduction post module that I intern at a company called Riot Games, a gaming company known for League of Legends based in LA. The video I’ve decided to share is my company’s COVID-19 Charity Fundraiser Announcement. League dev team, Joe, announces the campaign to support worldwide COVID-19 relief efforts with special skins, chromas, emotes, bundles, and more. Riot Games has donated over 4 and half million dollars to COVID relief efforts globally. Fun fact, an interesting way we fundraised money was through the purchase of M.D Kennen, Nurse Akali, and Surgeon Shen, skins for champions. Over 4 weeks, 100% of the money spent on these special skin when directly to the Riot Social Fund. Which is a non-profit fund that allows us to distribute money directly to local nonprofits, hospitals, and clinics around the world. So far, The donations we raised have supported doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers the resources they need to act quickly. Also, the money raised provided financial aid to families and individuals who’ve been impacted by COVID.

Since my girlfriend and I both work at Riot, playing computer games for a long period at home is tiresome, and feel like we’re working all the time. We recently picked up a new hobby of gardening and house botany. I highly recommend everyone to give this a try. It was my girlfriend who got us into it and at first, I was skeptical about taking care of plants because of bugs. But I soon realized the positive effects it can add to a household. If the plants are maintained well and potted beautifully, it adds a refreshing and colorful ambiance to the space.

Person 2:
K ing Soopers is offering free vaccinations at all their locations. Getting your COVID-19 vaccine is now as simple as making a 30 minute stop during your weekly grocery shopping. King Soopers is sharing uplifting content related to COVID-19 as well as factual information about the vaccine and where you can get it. This post is on King Soopers social media accounts as well as CBS News who shared the information even farther by reaching all of their followers.


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This is the link to my favorite recipe that I learned over the COVID-19 Pandemic. I love this sweet and spicy chicken recipe. It’s great to make as grilled chicken or as seared chicken in the pan with the delicious Honey Sriracha Sauce. I strongly recommend this recipe to anyone who likes spicy foods, you can make it as spicy as you would like to. I love to make this recipe with my boyfriend on date night. This is a fun and easy recipe that I recommend for getting back out there and cooking with friends and family. This is an easy cooking activity for you and your family to try at home.

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